Academic facilities

  1. The Library:
  2. Library is a centre for academic and intellectual growth for students and staff. Students and teachers have an access to a wide range of resources in different formats in order to meet their teaching and learning needs. It contains various national and international books, encyclopedia and various publications. The collection and services of the Library are aimed at developing students' reading and research skills thereby helping them use these skills in their subjects.. Reading is important and needs to be developed in the early years of schooling.

  3. Art, Craft, Life Skills and Yoga
  4. The school offers Art, Craft, Life Skills and Yoga as academic periods in the time-table up to standard VIII because we perceive them to be vital in strengthening their personality.

  5. Counseling
  6. Counseling provides extensive measures to help individuals improve their performances clarify personal goals and achieve adjustments. The school provides a competent school counselor who works with students, parents and teachers in an efficient way. The counselor provides support in the following manner

    1. Counseling students

    2. Assisting parents or guardians make informed decisions about their child’s education

    3. Assessing student’s learning and behavior

    4. Assisting in identifying and addressing disabilities that affect student’s learning

  7. Laboratories
  8. The students have the opportunity to nourish their classroom learning by visiting the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Math laboratories.

  9. Remedial Classes
  10. The school offers remedial classes for students who are not able to perform well in academics. The classes will take place everyday giving the child the extra attention needed.

  11. Project /Activity Based Learning
  12. Project/Activity based learning helps children to gain knowledge and use their creative dynamism through various activities. The academic facility gives space for horizon of learning through plenty of project work, practical work and individual activities.

  13. Sports Facilities
  14. The school has good sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor games like basketball, table tennis, football, and a multipurpose ground. The school holds inter house games competitions time to time which gives the students an opportunity to develop their team spirit and their mental and physical toughness.